NESDA believes in fair and honest business dealings, ensuring that our mandate for economic development is implemented ethically.


Our business model is built on integrity as a solid foundation for strategic partnerships.


The driving force of entrepreneurship is consistency in service delivery.

Young minds Old hands

Never too young or too old to learn something new.

Digital Transformation

Bespoke services that have been packaged to restructure the corporate space and establish a digital economic eco-system.

About Us

NATIONAL ENTERPRISES SUPPLIERS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (NESDA) is a registered Non-Profit Company established in response to a need for innovative strategies to build economic growth. NESDA functions as a ESD Firm that provides business development services interlinked with administrative and marketing solutions. Our value proposition is strengthened by a network of qualified and accredited affiliates offering a pillar  for business.


We offer solutions that are in line with  Integrated Development Plans. Our primary function is to bridge the gap between stakeholders, municipalities & communities.


NESDA aspires to be at the forefront of economic development, with a vision to implement turnkey solutions which can be implemented on a national scale, creating a network of virtual business hubs designed to centralize information for SMME’S and stakeholders alike.

Business Model

NESDA is a vehicle for community initiatives and the companies affiliated with NESDA are service providers who work independently but jointly in projects that are aligned with their scope of work.

Our Ethos



“As Africans, we need to share common recognition that all of us stand to lose if we fail to transform our continent.”

– Former President Thabo Mbeki

Our Mandate

As an economic development structure NESDA our mandate is to develop and transition economies to build functional institutions for sustainable private sector development. The projects are carried out in close co-operation with stakeholders and parastatals, with the support of multilateral and bilateral donors.