Partnerships & Relationships

Connect & Colloborate

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi.

Corporations of every size are key to the creation of wealth in modern societies, they are the main creators of economic value and employment. The manner in which businesses operate is crucial a component to economic growth in South Africa, and NESDA strives to implement strategies on a Local, District, Provincial and National  Level, creating a large-scale impact without conceding quality or capacity.

Credible, transparency, accountability and shareholder protection mechanisms are important in attracting foreign and or direct investment, especially when joint ventures and other co-investment methods are applied with integrity.

Affiliated Partners

NESDA has a network of companies who are strategically positioned to assist  SMME’S with business development solutions. 

We offer affiliate marketing which comes with loyalty program rewards  with points that can be redeemed via our network of service providers.


Nesda creates mutually benficial partnerships in which stakeholders operating in South Africa can work with us to implement innovative ESD Programmes.

We facilitate and manage the implementation of community projects, focused on localized business opportunities as part of  Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment.

We support and endorse

Women empowerment 

Business Opportunities FOR


Grow the economy

NESDA looks beyond ESD programmes with the anticipation of success long term, that is why our value proposition lies in our Post Programme support. Our mobile app and web platforms make it easier to keep track of real time information pertaining to the progress of enterprise & supplier development. Historically Disadvantaged Communities will be beneficiaries of our enterprise and skills development initiatives.

    Our 3 Core Areas of interest


    1. Create a co-operation framework and basis of corporate goverance.
    2. The conclusions of the roundtable discussions will eventually be reflected in a corporate governance for each municipality.
    3. These will serve as a practical reform agenda that connects local municipalities with the National standards and principles.


    Efficient utilisation of private & public resources.

    Access to capital

    Allocation of funding based on criteria requirments.


    Better & higher quality employment opportunities.

    Public Institutions

    Corporate governance is also important for the effectiveness of public institutions.


    Sustainable Development in domestic or regional capital markets.

    Anti Corruption

    Better-governed companies are less susceptible to corruption.