Nesda Mobile 


The NESDA Mobile app is currently under development and will be available on google Play Store and Apple App Store.  The app will be a mobile platform which will give our Local Municipalities, Stakeholders and Communities access to centralized information. In addition to being a point of contact, it will also function as a lead generation platform where service providers will be listed based on geographical locations. 

Flexile Cycle

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ESD programME


NESDA pods is an initiative aimed at repurposing underdeveloped & under-utilzed properties using containers to establish ICT infrastructures in historically disadvantaged communities.

Virtual Business hubs are ideal for the current economic climate which requires entrepreneurs and SMME’S to explore cost effective solutions when it comes to managing their businesses. Our network of container complexes affords SMME’S access to modular workspaces, retail stores and information centres.

The virtual element of NESDA PODS will be facilitated by our Mobile Application which will house supporting services such as compliance, administration, branding and digital resources which are essential to the day-to-day operations of any business.

Flexile Cycle

Digital Transformation

ICT Sector

Digital Me is a Skills Development programme designed to assist SMME’S with establishing a digital office. Training entrepreneurs to use Information Communication Technology as means to grow their business. We give them access to digital resources using low cost technology, providing a scalable IT infrastructure.  

This is essentially a socio-development project that consists of digitalization to accelerate economic growth and facilitate job creation. The initiative will promote the establishment of Tech Hubs, to develop digital communities built on paperless management systems, online platforms and social media integrations.  The project is structured and designed to incubate  individuals and businesses to transitionally adapt to Technological advances.


The are many companies that have old computers and printers lying around in storage which we can use to teach young people how to refurbish, repair and utilize as tool to gain grow their knowledge base.  Our core focus being job creation for the youth and making a meaningful impact in reducing electronic waste.

Our E -learning platform will give historically disadvantaged youth an opportunity to upskill themselves, our primary target is learners from schools that can’t afford the I.T infrastructure to facilitate computer classes.

Smart Farming

Agricultural Sector

Organosmart is a “smart farming” initiative that offers cost- effective backyard & commercial farming solutions which can be adopted by stakeholders and economic development organizations that have a vested interest in skills and enterprise development of communities. Organosmart primarily focuses on agriculture as an industry, covering various sectors such as:

  • Aquaponics
  • Hydroponics
  • Livestock Farming
  • Crop Farming
  • Agro-Processing
  • Forestry

We ensure that natural assets are being optimized through skills transfer initiatives and product development programmes. The sole purpose of our services is to incubate small scale farmers and informal traders by bridging the gap between the market, resellers and local farmers.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Construction Sector

Builders Portal is a manufacturing and construction project developed to capacitate informal traders through an incubation programme that will develop service providers into compliant businesses that can offer various services such as:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Steel Fabrication & Welding
  • Brick Layers

Nesda aims to identity vandalized and dilapidated properties that can be repaired for the benefit of infrastructure development. We are currently sourcing suppliers and industry experts to aid us in our objective to employ skilled and semi-skilled individuals who have unique skill sets that can add value to the project.

Business Development Objectives

  • Compliance
  • Supplier & Enterprise Development
  • Marketing
  • Access to affordable raw materials
  • Skills Gap Analysis