3E Strategy

Educate Empower and Endorse an unconventional approach to entrepreneurship. Creating Shared Value encouraging SMME development initiatives, we have a uniquely qualified team with expertise across industries. NESDA provides skills development opportunities to equip business owners use new technologies as part of their business development tools.

The National Small Business Amendment Act (26 of 2003) aims to update and further define business according to five categories established by the original act, namely, standard industrial sector and subsector classification, size of class, equivalent of paid employees, turnover and asset value – excluding fixed property.

  • Educate 100% 100%
  • Empower 100% 100%
  • Endorse 100% 100%

Structured Compliance


NESDA structures mutually beneficial partnerships that are in compliance with the  BROAD-BASED BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT ACT 53 OF 2003 AS AMENDED BY ACT 46 OF 2013 .

Strategic joint ventures that promote incubation programmes based on scope of work.  Identify business opportunities as part of stakeholder Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as their Corporate Social Investment.


Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME’S)


Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’S)


Medium to large Enterprises (M&L’s)


The Digital Transformation is a Turnaround Strategy that will “jump start” the economy, ushering the transition from analogue business practices to a digital environment optimized through a network of companies operating in the South Africa.

NESDA’s innovative approach is supported by online platforms designed to target various industries using Information Technology as a catalyst to improve efficiency and empower SMME’s.

  • Nesda’s values encompass our objectives to rehabilitate, restructure and reconfigure the economic eco system by levelling the playing field using digital platforms.
  • Nesda’s primary focus is to play a role in developing a network of companies connected virtually.
  • To create a sustainable economic eco-system in South Africa which will benefit Historically Disadvantaged Individuals while ensuring that SMME’S are beneficiaries of business development opportunities.